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  Mission Support

RS-LS offers life and mission support to government agencies and international corporations operating in complex areas, with a special focus on the Middle East and Africa. We serve as a bridge to facilitate the transition and lighten the load for those working in these complex environments.

We have a keen understanding of the challenges of working in a governmental setting; including the need to keep operations running smoothly, on time and well within budget. Whether it is at a Forward Operating Base in the Middle East, a transit between African destinations, or an emergency relief in Europe – RS-LS is your partner!
  • Deployment support

  • Accommodation, maintenance and repair services

  • Administrative services

  • Vehicle procurement and fleet support

  • Transportation support services

  • Communications support

  • Morale, welfare and recreation (MWR)

  • Medical support


RS-LS’s aviation wing has an experienced aviation and handling team, with boots on the ground globally, allowing our clients to have the freedom to operate smoothly – anytime, anywhere. We bring into action our extensive experience in all the operational, legal, and regulatory requirements to provide the most professional and comprehensive service in the market.

Our capability to mobilize our personnel and partners across the globe, combined with many international partners, allow us to tailor our clients the highest standard, timely and efficient solutions to any of their aviation needs.
  • Ground handling services

  • Aeromedical Evacuation and on-site medical services

  • Site surveys

  • Air terminal and passenger services, and VIP transport

  • Cargo services

  • Freight forwarding

  Sourcing & Procurement

RS-LS is one of the leading firms on sourcing and procurement, operating both as trusted advisor on smart and tailored purchasing and as an efficient and cost-effective buyer and broker.

We are committed to full transparency and compliance excellency vis-à-vis our clients, while supplying the best-value and superior products to match their needs.
  • Intelligent sourcing

  • Transparent supply chain management

  • Vast data base of world-leading suppliers and manufacturers

  • Quick and efficient transportation

  • Equipment maintenance

  • International costumes experts

  Government Relations

Our government relations team is assisting our clients to navigate the different challenges, bureaucracies, regulatory processes and cultural adaptations required for successful operation in a foreign territory.

Our experts have the experience, understanding, and the means to allow our client to maximize their business potential and perform their mission in the best way possible.
  • Monitoring of legislation, regulations and governmental decisions

  • Inquiries into government procedures, and building a relevant strategy accordingly

  • Guiding through local processes and decisions

  • Identification of opportunities, incentives and initiatives relevant for the client

  • Legal opinions

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