RSLS awarded a UNRWA vehicle supply contract
February 8, 2022
RSLS proud to support the fifth iteration of a successful Blue Flag exercise
March 8, 2022

RSLS awarded a 36-month contract renewal with DLA

US Defence Logistics Agency awarded a 36-month contract renewal to RSLS for provision of bottled water to U.S. troops in Israel.

RSLS has been providing continued support for the DLA and its mission by providing bottled water for exercise support for U.S. troops located in Israel since 2020.

RSLS partners with Neviot-Nature of Galilee Ltd. Neviot is the leading manufacturer of Pure Natural Mineral Water in Israel. Neviot is a part of CBC – The Central Bottling Company Group – Israel’s leading manufacturer and distributor of beverages. Neviot’s Natural Mineral products comply with strict international standards and are supervised by the Israeli Ministry of health and the American FDA and are also certified by external organizations such as the NSF, ISO, UN, and the US Army.